DotNetWikiBot Framework Documentation

The Bot type exposes the following members.


Public fieldStatic memberaskConfirm
If true the bot asks user to confirm next Save(), RenameTo() or Delete() operation. False by default.
Public fieldStatic memberbotVer
Title and description of this bot as a web agent.
Public fieldStatic membercacheDir
Local cache directory. Adjust it if required.
Public fieldStatic membercommonDataXml
Some unparsed supplementary data. You can see it here.
Public fieldStatic memberisRunningOnMono
If true, assembly is running on Mono framework. If false, it is running on Microsoft .NET Framework. This variable is set automatically, don't change it's value.
Public fieldStatic memberlastSite
Last Site object constructed by the framework.
Public fieldStatic membermessages
Dictionary containing localized DotNetWikiBot interface messages.
Public fieldStatic membernl
Shortcut for Environment.NewLine property. It's "\r\n" on Windows and "\n" on Unix-like systems.
Public fieldStatic memberversion
Version of DotNetWikiBot Framework.

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