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The Page type exposes the following members.


Public fieldcomment
Last edit comment.
Public fieldlastBytesModified
Number of bytes modified during last edit.
Public fieldlastLoadTime
Time of last page load (UTC). Used to detect edit conflicts.
Public fieldlastMinorEdit
True, if last edit was minor edit.
Public fieldlastUser
Username or IP-address of last page contributor.
Public fieldlastUserId
Last contributor's ID in MediaWiki database.
Public fieldpageId
Page's ID in MediaWiki database.
Public fieldrevision
Page revision ID in the MediaWiki database.
Public fieldsite
Site, on which this page is located.
Public fieldtext
Page's text.
Public fieldtimestamp
Date and time of last edit expressed in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Call "timestamp.ToLocalTime()" to convert to local time if it is necessary.
Public fieldtitle
Page's title, including namespace prefix.
Public fieldwatched
True, if this page is in bot account's watchlist.

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