DotNetWikiBot Framework Documentation
This wrapper function encodes string for use in URI. The function is necessary because Mono framework doesn't support HttpUtility.UrlEncode() method and Uri.EscapeDataString() method doesn't support long strings, so a loop is required. By the way HttpUtility.UrlDecode() is supported by Mono, and a functions pair Uri.EscapeDataString()/HttpUtility.UrlDecode() is commonly recommended for encoding/decoding. Although there is another trouble with Uri.EscapeDataString(): prior to .NET 4.5 it doesn't support RFC 3986, only RFC 2396.

Namespace: DotNetWikiBot
Assembly: DotNetWikiBot (in DotNetWikiBot.dll) Version:


public static string UrlEncode(
	string str


Type: System..::..String
String to encode.

Return Value

Type: String
Encoded string.

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