DotNetWikiBot Framework Documentation
Gets page titles for this PageList from specified special page. The following special pages are supported (other were not tested): Ancientpages, BrokenRedirects, Deadendpages, Disambiguations, DoubleRedirects, Listredirects, Lonelypages, Longpages, Mostcategories, Mostimages, Mostlinkedcategories, Mostlinkedtemplates, Mostlinked, Mostrevisions, Fewestrevisions, Shortpages, Uncategorizedcategories, Uncategorizedpages, Uncategorizedimages, Uncategorizedtemplates, Unusedcategories, Unusedimages, Wantedcategories, Wantedfiles, Wantedpages, Wantedtemplates, Unwatchedpages, Unusedtemplates, Withoutinterwiki. The function doesn't filter namespaces and does not clear PageList, so new pages will be added to existing pages.

Namespace: DotNetWikiBot
Assembly: DotNetWikiBot (in DotNetWikiBot.dll) Version:


public void FillFromCustomSpecialPage(
	string pageTitle,
	int limit


Type: System..::..String
Title of special page, e.g. "Deadendpages".
Type: System..::..Int32
Maximum number of page titles to get.

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