DotNetWikiBot Framework Documentation
Returns specified parameter of a specified template. If several instances of specified template are found in text of this page, all parameter values are returned.

Namespace: DotNetWikiBot
Assembly: DotNetWikiBot (in DotNetWikiBot.dll) Version:


public List<string> GetTemplateParameter(
	string templateTitle,
	string templateParameter


Type: System..::..String
Title of template to get parameter of.
Type: System..::..String
Title of template's parameter. If parameter is untitled, specify it's number as string. If parameter is titled, but it's number is specified, the function will return empty List <string> object.

Return Value

Type: List<(Of <(<'String>)>)>
Returns the List <string> object with strings, containing values of specified parameters in all found template instances. Returns empty List <string> object if no specified template parameters were found.

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